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The Zone is a very complicated system of traps, and they’re all deadly. I don’t know what’s going on here in the absence of people, but the moment someone shows up, everything comes into motion. Old traps disappear and new ones emerge. Safe spots become impassable. Now your path is easy, now it’s hopelessly involved. That’s the Zone. It may even seem capricious. But it is what we’ve made it with our condition. It happened that people had to stop halfway and go back. Some of them even died on the very threshold of the room. But everything that’s going on here depends not on the Zone, but on us! [..] I think it lets those pass who… have lost all hope. Not good or bad, but wretched people. But even the most wretched will die if they don’t know how to behave. -Stalker (1979)


Inventors & Discoveries Selman HOŞGÖR

You are not just a photojournalist, you’re a historian.
Bill Eppridge (via life)

Stock - La Promo que te cambia la cara. from Joaquin Serrano on Vimeo.

Director: Joaquín Serrano
Agencia: Oniria/TBWA
Año: 2013


Candy Chang - Before I Die


Remembering Ray Harryhausen, 1920 — 2013. Cinefantastique v11 04 [pdf].

Ray has been a great inspiration to us all in special visual industry. The art of his earlier films,
which most of us grew up on, inspired us so much. Without Ray Harryhausen, there would likely have been no Star Wars.
George Lucas

The Lord of the Rings is my ‘Ray Harryhausen movie.’ Without his life-long love of his wondrous images and storytelling it would never have been made — not by me at least.
Peter Jackson

In my mind he will always be the king of stop-motion animation.
Nick Park

His legacy of course is in good hands. Because it’s carried in the DNA of so many film fans.
Randy Cook

You know I’m always saying to the guys that I work with now on computer graphics ‘do it like Ray Harryhausen.’
Phil Tippett

What we do now digitally with computers, Ray did digitally long before but without computers.
Only with his digits.
Terry Gilliam

His patience, his endurance have inspired so many of us.
Peter Jackson

Ray, your inspiration goes with us forever.
Steven Spielberg

I think all of us who are practioners in the arts of science fiction and fantasy movies now all feel
that we’re standing on the shoulders of a giant. If not for Ray’s contribution to the collective dreamscape, we wouldn’t be who we are.
James Cameron

The Harryhausen Chronicles, narrated by Leonard Nimoy, covers much of his work with some great close-ups of his puppets and lots of advice from the master himself. In the introduction Ray Harryhausen says: “Fantasy is a dream world and I don’t think you want it quite real. You want an interpretation and stop motion gives it an added value that you can’t catch if you try to make it too real.”



The Bad-Signal

50% of the time, it works all the time.

Wait, what’s the area code?


A New Perspective of the Day: Kim Dotcom Releases Footage of Police Raid

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has released an edited montage of video recordings from the January 2012 police raid against his mansion in Australia, which shows anti-terrorism units armed with assault rifles, attack dogs and helicopters descending on his New Zealand home.


Artsy Fart of the Day: The Pirate Cinema

Artists Nicolas Maigret and Brendan Howell have teamed up to create The Pirate Cinema, a site-specific video installation which constantly downloads the most-viewed torrents at the time and projects them on to a screen. Since torrents aren’t downloaded sequentially, the films are often streamed with their video or audio out of order and displayed across multiple screens in the room, resulting in an audio/visual collage representative of our illegal desires for media consumption in real-time.